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Cone Mills

          Cone Mill           Cone Mill

Cone Milling is a low energy size reduction concept that is ideal for fatty, sticky, moist, heat sensitive or difficult to grind materials.

The gentle grinding action, which can be controlled within fine limits, maintains a close particle size distribution and generates minimal fines. As a result of their short processing time, Cone Mills offer the added benefits of limited heat generation and low levels of build-up.

A full range of Arcon Cone Mills are available, with cone diameters ranging from 75-680 mm and process rates of up to 10 TPH. Each model in the range can be customised to suit the customers' individual requirements.




Cone Milling

The material to be processed is fed into the milling chamber. The low velocity Grinding Rotor forces the feedstock into a vortex flow path. The individual particles of unground product are centrifugally thrown out to the wall of the conical grinding chamber against which they then rise in a spiralling path. The action of the Rotor against the grinding chamber walls imparts high shear on the product. A very large percentage of product is reduced to below the cone aperture size on initial impact. This is instantaneously discharged into the mill discharge chute. The chute is designed to give maximum free space to exiting material, thus preventing the possibility of build up.

A small percentage of larger unground particles continue their path up the conical wall within the product vortex, undergoing further size reduction in the process. The very largest may eventually reach the top of the vortex where they re-enter the in-feed stream to repeat the cycle. 



  • High efficiency
  • Gentle grinding action
  • Easy to clean
  • Low heat generation
  • Low dust levels
  • Low noise levels
  • Flexible design
  • Useful for a variety of applications